Shaheem Flowers

Youngest member of the Wu-Tang Clan. Brooklyn Born 90’s baby straight from the Shaolin Temple. Loves to explore the world an live life. Came to Oregon on the search of the mysterious “Reen Oil” produced by a plant called the Renus Fly trap. Wu-Tang Forever.

nate vetterlein - gardener

Born and raised in Portland. Moved to Salt Lake City. Graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelors degree of science in Environmental Sustainability Studies. Avid Skier and outdoors man. Believes that nature is best enjoyed with fine cannabis.

stevie ward-mazon - gardener

Recently moved from Maui. I don’t like the sun or the beach, but I love the rain. Like to skate around town and be in the outdoors.

jake klingle - gardener


Born in upstate NY. Moved to Oregon to work in the cannabis industry. Loves live music, the outdoors, crystal mining and jewelry making.

Jon Parker


I moved from New York to change careers from restaurant management. I love live music, rockhounding, golfing and skiiing.

megan monte

Senior Gardener

Fun fact about Megan, when she is not at the farm she loves being outdoors doing her newest hobby: rafting. She enjoys rafting throughout Oregon and anywhere her adventure takes her.

Juan - Senior Gardener

Senior Gardener

Juan is from Peru and loves hot wings and hockey. Role at the Farm: Juan is an integral part of CFF as he is a jack of all trades and the true glue man of our operation. He manages and trains staff, assists with office tasks and assists with all aspects of the farm.

Lee Smith


Lee Smith has over 15 years of experience in organic gardening and farming. Lee has managed extensive operations in Oregon and Hawaii. With a conscious approach to indoor gardening, Lee has led Cold Frame Farms to produce the highest quality flower possible. As the winner of the 2016 Oregon Growers Cup for indoor, Lee has…